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Bringing you the latest  innovative technologies from world-leading startup ecosystems

Our programme of research tour events, round-table discussions and reported insights means our group are able to expedite their ability to innovate, drive first-mover advantage and make a material impact on their digital transformation agenda.

Ntegra's Executive Peer Network allows our members to gain unique market access into the industry's most extensive resource of early to market digital technology solutions.

Early Adopter Programme

To create traction from participating in our events programme, we take the time and risk out of your innovation agenda by sourcing and validating emerging technologies to suit your requirements and agenda within a semi-structured, yet flexible programme of research and personalised assessment.

Through our extensive network into global technology ecosystems including Silicon Valley and Isreal; we scout for new technologies.

Ntegra Catalyst

The Ntegra Catalyst service allows you to facilitate Proof of Concepts by combining Ntegra expertise with your existing resources to accelerate trials and further discussions with your chosen emerging or start-up digital technology provider.

We achieve this by combining our ability to source differentiating technology, with the required resources to deliver. Leveraging our in-house engineers, or subject matters experts from the Ntegra Guild within a commercial framework and a compliant development environment.

Ntegra Catalyst allows us to expedite our clients ability to innovate, drive first-mover advantage and make a material impact on their businesses.

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