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Financial Services
Company Size
1100 Employees
Annual Turnover
£200 Billion
Market Scope
Europe and Asia
Project Timeframe
Subscription Based

Innovation @ Ntegra - Early Adopters Programme

Discover how the Innovation @ Ntegra team curated our clients own bespoke technology radar featuring industry insight, upcoming technologies and exciting start-ups to accelerate their digital transformation program.


The Innovation @ Ntegra team was approached by one of the worlds largest independent investment management firms to help them to ensure that their digital and information technology (D&IT) strategy was led successfully and to a specific agenda.

Our client knew what a successful digital transformation programme would look like within the organisation, what they were needing was Ntegra’s expertise in scouting and validating new technologies to support this change.


Our client joined Ntegra’s cross-sector group of institutions subscribing to the Early Adopters Programme. This flexible, tailored programme, provides access to disruptive technology start-ups and to accompanying insights on innovation, technology and business transformation trends.

For this specific client, the EAP programme entails participation in, and influence over Ntegra’s exclusive Silicon Valley annual study tour, plus quarterly research on topics and technologies important to their strategy, visualised in the format of the Ntegra Emerging Technology Radar.


Our client has gained significant value from the programme and have decided to continue their ongoing investment and subscription.

In this time, we have collaboratively performed countless PoC’s on technologies sourced via the programme, which in turn has led to strategic investment in many projects and full-scale production deployment of technologies helping to secure further internal executive support of their digital transformation efforts.


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