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Fueling our Partners for Digital Excellence: Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies with Ntegra's collaborative approach.

Overcome the digital skills shortage and stay ahead in continual technological advancement.

What We Do ...

Unveiling Ntegra's Expertise: We take pride in our diverse range of services. Discover the breadth of our expertise as we break down our offerings into six distinctive pillars. From strategic consulting to seamless implementation, we have crafted a suite of solutions to elevate your experience and drive success in the digital landscape.

Cloud Native Applications

Ntegra excels in full-stack development, utilising a preferred technology stack aligned with market trends for long-term support. Our architecture approach enables the creation of high-performance, responsive applications, prioritising a seamless user experience across platforms.

Cloud Centre of Excellence

Leveraging extensive expertise in cloud-based system design, Ntegra implements optimal platform deployment strategies. We seamlessly integrate with your team, sharing best practices and proven architectural insights to collaboratively address challenges.


Ntegra offers flexible service options that include resource augmentation, the creation of managed hybrid teams up to full in-service management. We tailor our service offer based on the needs of the engagement.

Microsoft Applications
Centre of Excellence

We specialise in developing enterprise applications within the Microsoft environment. Our approach emphasises using out-of-the-box methods and leveraging the latest technology to create custom components and enhance functionality.

Digital Start

Ntegra's Digital Start programme, initiated at project onset, establishes clear direction on realistic deliverables within a timeframe. We prioritise stakeholder buy-in and defined roles and responsibilities for ongoing collaboration between Ntegra and your business.

Innovation Programme

Ntegra's Innovation Programme, utilised internally and shared with partners, serves as a technology scouting and strategy insights tool. Fueled by innovations from our Silicon Valley Tech Summits, it provides a continuous pipeline of insights aligned with partners' priorities. The Ntegra team facilitates PoC execution and integration support to validate and implement these discoveries.

Who We Work With

What Our Clients Say ...

“I have been very impressed with the level of professionalism, reliability, support and service my team receive from Ntegra. They often go above and beyond our expectations ... We have now broadened our relationship by making Ntegra a trusted, strategic partner.”

Global Chief Marketing Officer, iProspect

"I seldom take the time to sit down and document when a partner exceeds my expectations however, the programme has recently experienced an outstanding performance. I would recommend that the Ntegra team is considered for future programmes."

Major Programmes Director, Vodafone Group