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Retail & FMCG
Company Size
68k Employees
Annual Turnover
£6.4 Billion
Market Scope
Project Timeframe
2017 to date

Waitrose - Transformation Programme & Project Management Office

Discover how our team of PMO specialists helped one of Britain’s largest supermarkets manage a major digital transformation programme to deliver a successful supply chain on track and within budget.


Waitrose were embarking upon two large, complex, multi-region transformation programmes to improve the tools with which Partners and suppliers manage data and to completely overhaul the systems Partners use to manage the stock flow.

The mission was to get the right products to customers at the right price, at the right time and in the right channel, through managing availability, wastage and stock efficiently. This complex project meant that our client quickly established the need for a PMO to help govern, track and support the delivery.


Working in conjunction with both the Waitrose internal teams and the lead delivery SIs, Ntegra deployed a team of delivery specialists from a PMO background to augment the client team to assist with establishing the baseline of the programme and then provide knowledge and capability transfer. Our team were responsible for 3 key areas;

  1. Planning and dependency management.
  2. Project governance, audit and reporting.
  3. Projects controls for change, standardisation of artefacts and project tooling (Planview, G-Suite etc)


Both programmes are in flight and tracking against the baseline and the capability of their in-house team has grown significantly.

A new operating model across finance, retail, commercial, product supply, distribution and IT is on track which will ultimately involve 2,300 suppliers and over 50,000 product lines.

A robust governance model and detailed planning has made a significant contribution towards the fact that both programmes are predicted to be delivered on time and within budget.


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