Subscription Billing Transformation Programme

Discover how Ntegra helped one of the world's leading media and news agencies build and create an automated subscription billing transformation programme to roll out across their global audience.

  • Industry: Media & Publishing

  • Company Size: 2750 Employees

  • Annual Turnover: €4.7Billion

  • Market Scope: 63 Subscription Based Newspapers

  • Project Timeframe: 12 Months

The Challenge

The systems and infrastructure that our client was using to handle direct to consumer billing were not flexible enough to deal with an increasingly diverse and complex product range.

The business required a platform and associated support services that would allow them to monetise a product set which was expanding beyond traditional physical media products (i.e. Newspapers) and include a variety of different digital products (i.e. Films and Music).

They also needed the ability to combine physical and digital product offerings and allow their customers to access, join and pay for subscriptions “on the go” and in real time with all the necessary internal support systems and third party vendors to allow for fulfilment, accounting and analysis.

The Solution

Ntegra delivered this project from the initial inception through to deployment and testing.

The discovery stage involved building a detailed scope of both the business and technical requirements covering areas such as integration with Call Centres, CRM systems, fulfilment and delivery systems, revenue recognition processes, banking requirements and much more.

From an operational and end-user perspective, the scope needed to be defined to cater for multiple use cases such as customers with multiple delivery addresses and the ability to easily implement annual RPI price increases without impacting the customer.

We led the design and implementation of the end-to-end system including the migration of the existing customer base onto the new system. This programme required extensive stakeholder management of the new and old billing platform supplier, all third party vendors affected, internal customer care teams and the internal finance, marketing and operations teams.

The Outcome

Our client now has the system architecture they required to reduce the cost and complexity of running subscription billing products across multiple business units, brands and market territories.

The system is now live across their full national and regional newspaper portfolio generating significant additional revenue streams.

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