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Discover how the Ntegra Digital team developed an out of the box Microsoft solution within an existing investment to keep a global FMCG manufacturer connected and gain consistency and best practices.

  • Industry: FMCG

  • Company Size: 70k Plus Employees

  • Annual Turnover: £43.7 Billion

  • Market Scope: 70 Markets

  • Project Timeframe: 18 Months

The Challenge

Our client, a major brewing and beverage company for a number of household brands, identified that their globally fragmented business was driving significant inefficiencies. As part of a company-wide strategy, they decided to transform how the business collaborated and shared knowledge to "reinforce a globally integrated organisation by building a sense of community and shared knowledge across all employees".


The executive board wanted to exploit best practices and local knowledge that was of value to all or "to do well everywhere what they do somewhere". With over 70,000 staff across 70 countries, this was a significant challenge.


We were asked by our client to make the most of their existing investment in Microsoft SharePoint to deliver a solution. It was critical that the project embraced an ‘out of the box (OOTB) strategy’ and would be 'easy to live with' post-completion. In particular, they wanted little or no customisation to ensure that the business could own the platform, its’ growth and future roadmap.


With a diverse and complex user community, covering eight languages and comprising of a wide range of user profiles; from corporate staff to production line workers. The platform needed to provide rapid access to appropriate information to support job roles (e.g., work instructions) alongside a broad range of attractive and engaging content such as news, advertising and media.

The Solution

Ntegra delivered a dynamic and innovative Intranet within Microsoft SharePoint that met the critical objectives from the client.

Our solution met their aim of providing an Intranet with minimal customisation, where ownership rested with the business and content generators were never restricted by technical complexity or a requirement for change. The Intranet was designed around 'communities of interest' and 'communities of practice.'

Ntegra was responsible for the end-to-end design, delivery and deployment. We led not only the technical aspects of the programme but also the broader business change. We created and executed an implementation strategy that drove a market-by-market deployment, starting in Columbia and ending in South Africa.

Our implementation successfully drove user adoption by using a variety of tried and tested techniques. We also supported implementation with a migration toolkit and methodology – to ensure any required content was available before go-live.

The Outcome

The creation of the new intranet enabled the business to accelerate access and navigation to the right tools, content and people, enabling smarter and collaborative working through a single platform. The new platform reduced operating costs by over 40% and increased employee engagement and interaction rates by 35%.


The Intranet design gave the impression of supporting a wide range of dynamic and flexible page designs. However, the entire Intranet was delivered using just eight templates. The content and structure drove a compelling look and feel – this placed ownership with the business and allowed the Intranet to be easily updated, which helped drive continued business-wide adoption.

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