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Company Size
8,500 Employees
Annual Turnover
£9.8 Billion
Market Scope
90 Markets
Project Timeframe
9 Months

Media Agency - Operating System

Our client is one of the world's largest media agencies. We helped them to create a bespoke platform for collaborative internal working and knowledge sharing worldwide.


Our client is a global company that employs over 8000+ people worldwide. Their challenge was keeping everyone informed and connected with easy access to relevant and current information on a daily basis, without slowing momentum in what is an incredibly fast paced environment.


An "Operating System" for the Agency was the solution to this challenge. The platform was designed as an enterprise wrapper built to include several individual component services such as Teams, an employee and skills directory, an Agency Comms hub, a bespoke organisational Knowledge Search and a Chatbot. These services enable employees to connect, interact and discover all in a matter of few clicks.

A wide range of technologies were used to build the platform, including Angular, NgRx, Microservices, Micro Frontends (Framework agnostic), Kubernetes, Azure Functions, Python, Django REST Framework, Celery, PostgreSQL, MS Graph API, Docker, CI/CD, UX/UI.


Every employee within the organisation now has access to central location for their profile information, a full list of current employees to identify the right contacts, a bank of internal and external content based on client and industry and their own bespoke search engine able to access internal and external data based on simple search terms.

This has led to increased transparency across the business and the ability to utilise their in-house business knowledge consistently and reliably and better communicate practices across the internal global network.


Office 365

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