Global Media Agency - Company Intranet

Discover how the Digital team at Ntegra created a personalised, globally accessible and fully mobile responsive intranet for one of the world's largest media agencies by leveraging their existing investment in the Office 365 product suite.

  • Industry: Media & Advertising

  • Company Size: 50k Plus Employees

  • Annual Turnover: £7.5 Billion

  • Market Scope: 145 Countries

  • Project Timeframe: 8 Months

The Challenge

Our client, a global media agency needed a central communication and collboration platform to connect their teams across the world. Ntegra was asked to create a personalised and fully mobile responsive Intranet platform that could be accessed by anyone in the business, wherever they may be located that provides:

  • A stream of the latest company news
  • Client case studies to be used for new client pitches
  • Secure storage for policies and documentation
  • Collaboration spaces where colleagues can talk, share work and communicate around existing projects


The Intranet also needed to be fully personalised to individuals based on their location, department and job role so employees could quickly access information that was relevant to them.

A major requirement for the intranet was for our team to develop the system using applications within the Office 365 product suite. With an existing company wide investment in the platform this made sense both from a financial and technical perspective.

The Solution

Using Microsoft Office 365 as the primary toolkit, the Ntegra team delivered a modern intranet with low customisation levels that could be owned and exploited by business users. We provided simple, reusable tools to support content migration from existing intranets, of which there were many. We also extended the solution to use the Microsoft Graph API to expose the rich, people-centric data available in O365. We used this to drive additional user personalisation, a key requirement for end users and an objective for the platform.

The solution that was built using Google’s Material UI modern framework. This gave our clients internal content managers a modern branded and minimalistic look and feel as well as a highly flexible set of tools for ongoing content management that they could govern themselves without ongoing support.

Our design build drew together elements from SharePoint, O365 Video, Yammer and Graph API. These components allowed effective personalisation, which helped drive user employee adoption.

The integration and exploitation of MS Graph supported personalisation by dynamically exposing meaningful insights from across O365. For example, a user could see who else had been working on similar content, their job role, how recently they had contributed or collaborated. This information supported better collaboration, removed silos and helped our client benefit from reuse.

A data migration process also took place to move the vast majority of content to the new cloud-based environment.

The Outcome

With the launch of the new global intranet, the media agency saw some great activity results:

  • 95% of our people engaged (35% increase in users from prelaunch)
  • 21% increase in news views; 15,550 views in total
  • 6% increase in intranet page views; 314,666 views in total
  • 19% increase in Yammer active users and 304% increase in posted messages over the launch period
  • Launch communications saw 53,635 total email opens with 3,285 click throughs to the new intranet

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