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Media & Advertising
Company Size
50K Plus Employees
Annual Turnover
£7.5 Billion
Market Scope
145 Markets
Project Timeframe
2 Months

Dentsu - Worksmart Technology Adoption Tool

We helped 45,000 media agency employees find and use the tools they need to communicate and collaborate faster by building a purpose-built application which was integrated to their intranet.


Dentsu required an educational aid to support the wider business in understanding and adopting new technology. As the agency utilises such a vast array of communication, collaboration, and analytics tools, employees needed to be able to access this knowledge to work more productively.

Additionally, Dentsu required that the tool be comprised of capabilities already present with O365, due to their pre-existing investment in the suite.


To enable this business education and drive adoption, the Ntegra solution was to create an application named ‘Work Smart’. To find the relevant information, users enter their required use case into a custom search functionality. The application then provides the user with a recommendation of which product to use, along with hints, tips and other useful tutorials, to rapidly deliver the benefits of an informed workforce.


The successful delivery of Work Smart saw not only a significant increase in engagement with the company intranet but an increase in productivity too. The reason for this was that employees were now saving significant time in searching for the tools they needed and in acquiring the knowledge necessary to leverage them.

Notably, Work Smart reduced the need for the agency to purchase third-party applications as most users were able to find what they needed within the O365 suite.


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