Connexin - Atom V.3

After Connexin - a UK-based digital service and smart technology provider - acquired Pure Broadband Ltd. (Pure), in 2022 they requested Ntegra’s help to provide support within the framework of the existing Atom V.3 project - the business OSS/BSS including supporting the operation of various Connexin networks, products and services.

  • Industry: Telecommunications

  • Company Size: 51-200

  • Annual Turnover: $22 Million

  • Market Scope: UK

  • Project Timeframe: 1 year

The Challenge

The project played an important role in the wider strategic initiative to integrate the Connexin and Pure brands to eventually decommission the Pure broadband website and remove some of the manual processing required by the Sales & Provisioning team. Ntegra was asked to provide support and assistance to Connexin's product owner and scrum master within Azure DevOps in the decomposition of Epics into User Stories, in addition to aiding in any refinement and prioritisation activities to improve efficiency and empower Connexin’s internal DevOps team towards project success.

The Solution

The Ntegra team adapted Connexin’s Agile approach to tackle the challenges given. The team worked on multiple Epics simultaneously in each Sprint to avoid creating bottlenecks as well as handling additional tickets such as bugs and improvements to ensure there was consistent development happening. The work required by the team covered different areas such as the frontend, the backend, creating and modifying APIs, writing scripts and CRON jobs. The team engaged actively with stakeholders throughout the project and maintained a good relationship with the Scrum team, including Scrum Masters and other developer sat Connexin. There had been consistent communication with the client to ensure requirements were met, making clarifications, setting priorities and creating confluence pages to document certain APIs.

The Outcome

The team were able to enhance Connexin's internal systems and processes, including the admin portal, customer portal, websites and various APIs. Notable features such as payment plans, access requests and Superfly WiFi were seamlessly integrated and are now used widely within the rest of the solution. The teams' emphasis on knowledge sharing has been able to improve understanding between developers within the Connexin team and other stakeholders and has met expectations to a high standard.

“3-4 Ntegra developers formed one of our scrum teams, working on several OSS/BSS projects, including complex ISP network tasks. They were self-managing, independent, and consistently hit their sprint goals, often outperforming our internal developers. They contributed significantly to code reviews and documentation, helping set a benchmark for excellence. The Ntegra leadership was always supportive and available. Towards the end, they excelled in designing system architecture, going beyond typical developer roles. We’d absolutely work with them again in the future.”

Cameron Bell | Head of Software, Systems & Data at Connexin

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