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Media & Advertising
Company Size
50k Plus Employees
Annual Turnover
£7.5 Billion
Market Scope
145 Countries
Project Timeframe
18 Months

Media Agency - New Business Development Tool

We partnered with one of the worlds largest media agencies to create the custom application they needed to support their New Business Development team with campaign pitches and gaining new clients.


Our clients global New Business division wanted to help drive business management and development of their partners in a globally consistent way using an online, cloud-based tool.

They wanted to make the process of winning and growing client accounts more collaborative, repeatable, and with better data insight to inform decision making.

They also wanted a tool to be built that could be used internally by its’ new business teams to act as a centralised hub accessible to everyone within the department to support the sales and pitch process. They needed to be able to house an archive of previous projects and pitches, have an internal communication tool to share skills and knowledge as well as a contact directory of current employees so that members could quickly find relevant people within the organisation to contribute to a pitch based upon previous projects and client expertise.


Ntegra produced a bespoke solution using tools available within the O365 product suite with features that included; a searchable database of all historic project briefs, profiles of all clients organisations and case studies of all campaigns which have been delivered globally. A forum was also created for team members to open up conversations regarding the business and industry to expand their working knowledge. A “Biographies” function allowed employees to search for potential collaborators using pre-defined filters such as language, previous client projects and market verticals.

Throughout the project, we collaborated with our client to refine the User Experience and Interface. Navigation, Iconography etc. was optimised to drive adoption.

For example, we made use of 'rollover' tiles for essential news, where users could receive top-line updates by using the cursor to 'roll over' a tile without having to click further through a content hierarchy. Tuning the UI was a critical component to driving successful adoption.


With a system that houses over 5000 individual files from over 22 brands from the agency network; a digital tool has been built to act as a central hub to help team members to search and self serve any required materials.

This has meant that this central hub has saved the organisation time and money as they were now able to look back and make the most of the existing internal resources that they already have available.


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