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Media & Advertising
Company Size
8.5 Plus Employees
Annual Turnover
£9.8 Billion
Market Scope
Project Timeframe
6 Months

Automating Business Intelligence

We worked with one of the world's leading media agencies and one of their client to transform their business intelligence reporting practices giving consistency, accuracy and visibility for media campaigns.


Our client's media campaign data needed to be retrieved from several different sources, and in different formats. This made it inefficient and in some cases unusable - when attempting to create reports that compared the available information.

This created an inefficient and often unreliable process, bringing the need for a more consistent and robust approach to harnessing available data for use in reporting.


Our approach involved automation of data collection from source platforms, applying consistent rules to programmatically clean and classify data. We collated data from a wide range of sources including Ad Server, Innovid, social media platforms, search analytics and Adobe, to create a single robust and comprehensive data source.

This pool of data could then be harnessed by the organisation to create effective reporting, visualisations and insights.

The technology used was Azure, benefitting from its inherent robustness and the client’s familiarity in using the platform.


We delivered a global reporting dashboard with consistent, comprehensive and harmonised data from several sources, in a robust and automated solution.

This solution was rolled out smoothly across all operating markets giving both our client and their customer the ability to make real-time decisions based on accurate data.


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