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April 14, 2023

Ntegra is Expanding Their Cloud Capabilities to Empower Businesses for Digital Transformation

"Aligning behind a single vision and building an MVP platform product should ensure you can deliver value quickly and prioritise where you invest your resources first." - Andy Jefferies, CEO

Press Release
Anusha Gurung

LONDON – DECEMBER 2, 2022 – At Ntegra, we are pleased to announce that we have widened our suite of cloud platform capabilities available through our Digital service. With continued investment and new expert hires joining our growing team, we are assisting more and more clients in embracing scalable cloud strategies and developing industry-transforming solutions to realise the value of their cloud investments.

Amidst macroeconomic uncertainty and inflationary pressure, the agile and scalable nature of cloud computing will continue to support growth as a driver for innovation and safety. In a recent study, Gartner predicts that by 2023 the global public cloud end-user spending is estimated to reach 600B dollars, a significant 20.7% increase from 2022. Moreover, over the past three years, we have seen a steady shift in our enterprise clients from adopting a single preferred cloud provider into a more nuanced multi-cloud estate, requiring more skills in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technologies such as OpenShift.

However, outdated technology environments make change expensive, especially when migrating existing systems to the cloud that are not optimised for usage-based charge structures from the public cloud. Furthermore, for large enterprises to operate in an effective, secure, and resilient cloud environment, significant enablement work is required across strategy, architecture, and engineering teams. The complexity of these types of transformation demands changes in economics, skills, processes, and organisational structures across IT and many other business functions - this cannot be managed by infrastructure heads alone. 

Ntegra's cloud platform services are designed to solve our customers' most complex adoption barriers. We have been engaged in more pivotal projects involving cloud architecture, brokering, migration and re-platforming that support enterprises undergoing significant shifts in their cloud strategy and change programmes. Through our work, we empower our clients to digitise, automate and drive the adoption of technology and business solutions. These flexible solutions are uniquely designed to be adaptable to the changes in our client's needs and, ultimately, allow them to realise maximum value and gain true ROI.

In this multi-cloud era, it is essential to be clear on what you can expect from your cloud service provider (CSP) now and in the future. To help you think this through, I sat down with our CEO, Andy Jefferies, to help answer key questions top of mind for tech leaders looking to expand their cloud capabilities and exploit cloud services and tooling.

Which CSP's are gaining traction with clients at present?

"That sounds like a loaded question! The big three hyper-scalers continue to battle it out for territory and share of the IT spend. I have seen some sudden flips of preferred CSPs last and this year, but I'm not revealing which!"

What are some of the problems clients are seeking help on?

"It's a pretty broad range. We are seeing the usual need for support to get a handle on unmanaged compute in the cloud or to help with cloud migrations. We also see more requests for help with automation and orchestration - clients are familiar with the infrastructure as code approach. Still, they need to create platforms as a product and simplify how their DevOps and engineering teams can deploy predictable and compliant infrastructure."

What approach would you recommend enterprises take with building their cloud platforms?

"It's a continuous journey, and I would recommend treating it the same as the rest of their Digital product portfolio. Aligning behind a single vision and building an MVP platform product should ensure you can deliver value quickly and prioritise where you invest your resources first. Expect multi-cloud complexity out of the gate so you can build an extensible product and handle needs such as cost control and optimisation. Spend some time on the architecture, too - engineers know what they are comfortable with and what works, so getting alignment on strategy, approach and tooling early on can avoid some pitfalls later."

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