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Ntegra Greenside US Tour 2016 Report

Silicon Valley Disruption – Keeping ahead though Technology Innovation.

Download the full tour summary below, that includes Ntegra Innovation teams key findings and takeaways from their US Research Tour from Silicon Valley featuring the latest up and coming start ups emerging from the leading innovation ecosystem in the world.

In May 2016, a party of eighteen senior executives from the UK spent a week in Silicon Valley, California, visiting a selection of IT companies on the 20th Ntegra Greenside Annual Silicon Valley Research Tour.

The purpose of the tour was to learn about the latest developments in the deployment and application of IT, focusing on how these are being exploited by major organisations for business advantage. We received presentations from 39 different companies of varying size and maturity, all of which were actively involved in providing products and services to help organisations become more effective in their use of technology. In addition, we received presentations from our three host Venture Capital (VC) firms: Intel Capital, Adreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Captial.

Disruption remains the norm in Silicon Valley. Tech start ups are now an integral part of the business and technology landscape and ecosystems. Those organisations that are not embracing them will become more and more vulnerable.

In the sections included in the report, we will discuss some of the themes raised on this years tour in more details as well as an update on some of the companies we have seen in previous years.

Click Here to Download 2016 US Tour Report

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