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Autumn Tech Summit 2021 Highlights

In Autumn 2021, the Innovation @ Ntegra team hosted their annual Tech Discovery Summit in London showcasing some of the most promising technology start-ups from the UK, US, and Europe.

Hosted and organised by Ntegra’s co-founder and CEO Andy Jefferies, the invitation-only event is a chance for attendees to get an early look at exciting innovators from the world of tech. Delegates from global brands attend year after year including tech executives and leaders from Schuh, Smiths News and the MoD.

The theme for this year’s hybrid event was ‘Digital Enablement and the Digital (Hybrid) Workplace’ and those invited to speak were chosen due to their relevance to the theme.

“The pace of digital innovation, and level of investment emerging from global start-up ecosystems, continues to amaze me.  SaaS (software as a service) start-up seed rounds early in their product and market development are now often exceeding $5m.
“We are also seeing start-ups continuing to contribute to and benefit from open-source development, further accelerating complex innovation in data analytics and artificial intelligence in particular.  We have to prepare our businesses for these technologies now, or we will be constantly playing catch up when they become ubiquitous across enterprises.
“Environmental, social and governance topics are also becoming more prominent.  Brands are sensitive to the power consumers now wield and need to take a proactive stance on ethical matters.  This aligns to the flow of capital too, as investors both embrace the topics themselves and seek to insulate themselves from risky investments with poor ESG adoption.”

Andy Jefferies, CEO of Ntegra

Some of the lucrative start-ups that were showcased within the agenda included:


A SaaS platform utilising AI to provide speech analytics and quality management solutions. Founded in 2018, their technology is able to optimise conversation, personalise interactions and business processes for an organisation’s customer service agents.


Two years old and have already managed to raise $66m in funding. Their data observability platform helps tech teams measure, improve, and communicate data quality clearly. Their way of monitoring systems availability can help an organisation avoid any system downtime.


Provide rapid in-browser web development through their use of automated code development creation within an enhanced collaborative environment. Their real-time updates reduce sprint times by eliminating friction between developer, designer and leadership within a shared environment.


Offers a software platform called Empathetic Building which puts the employee at the centre of its operation. With smart sensors placed around a building, and within an employee’s lanyard to measure wellbeing within a workplace.


Other companies which were presenting included Matillion, Device42, Airspeed and Thetalake. Ntegra also introduced to attendees our evolving tech hub community where complex real-world problems are being tackled through exploring tech solutions with a collaborative approach.

To find out more on how our events programme empowers our clients digital transformation strategy and learning agendas, including details of our annual Silicon Valley Tech Tours, and how our PoC support empowers their innovation and R&D efforts,  please
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