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My Apprenticeship - Taylor Salt

In the UK, National Apprenticeship Week takes place in 2022 from 7th to 13th February with the theme ‘Build the Future’, where the focus is on how employers train, retain and achieve with apprenticeships. We are proud to say that at Ntegra, we do just that. To celebrate this 15th annual weeklong celebration we sat down with one of our apprentice success stories, Taylor Salt about his journey from Apprentice to Junior Designer.


Taylor Salt





Favourite Subjects at School:

Graphics and IT

What Made Me Decide on an Apprenticeship:

I have always been a practical and visual learner. After a couple of years at college, I decided that I wanted to learn in a professional environment and have a role within an organisation that I could contribute and gain experience from. I would do freelance work previously alongside studying and found real-life experience is more beneficial to me.

Steps Made to Secure an Apprenticeship:

To secure my Apprenticeship I needed to submit an online application with Ntegra which included an up-to-date copy of my CV and previously achieved grades from school and college. Following that, I was contacted by Katie in HR and offered my first interview in which I spoke about myself and answered a series of questions. I was lucky enough to be successful and offered a second interview with senior members of the Digital Team at Ntegra in which I had to make a presentation about a series of tasks sent to me as a brief before.

Apprenticeship Title:

Apprentice Creative Designer

Education Setting:

Wiltshire College

How Far Along the Journey:

I have been working as an apprentice for 15 months currently, every day has been exciting and different. As of February 2022, I have now passed my apprenticeship qualification and I am now a full-time Junior Designer at Ntegra.

How Has It Been?

My experience at Ntegra over the past year has been amazing, every day I am presented with new challenges and projects in which I can learn and have fun whilst working.

What Have I Learned So Far?

Since working as an apprentice, I have learned how to use a range of new design software, in particular UX/UI software such as UXPin and Figma, as well as develop my skills within the Adobe platforms. Most importantly, I have been able to practice and gain experience working with clients, communicating with them and presenting ideas and projects to them.

How Have I Found the Apprenticeship Experience:

The apprenticeship for me was the perfect combination of on-the-job work experience and training. It has been effective in giving me the experience and knowledge of digital design in which needed for my role as well as preparing me for a future of working within a professional environment.

Advice to Give to Another Person Considering this Career Path:

If you are a practical learner that loves to be a part of a team, an apprenticeship is for you! You can acquire all your skills and qualifications needed in real-life scenarios and training whilst also earning a wage.

What's Next?

After receiving my apprenticeship test results, I will continue to stay at Ntegra and advance to a Junior Designer role, which will give me more responsibilities and allow me to progress my career further.

To find out more about the governments apprenticeships scheme or National Apprenticeship Week visit their website: https://www.gov.uk/topic/further-education-skills/apprenticeships

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