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The 23rd Annual Ntegra US Technology Research Tour Has Begun

We are delighted that all our delegates have arrived safely and we are looking forward to commencing the business programme of the 23rd Ntegra US Technology Research Tour to Silicon Valley in partnership with Bird & Bird on Monday 20th May.

Having started off informally on Sunday with a visit to San Francisco giving our delegates time to see some of the sites the city has to offer, the anticipation is now high and this year’s agenda is stronger than ever. Our base this year is once again the Stanford Park Hotel in Palo Alto, just a short distance away from Sandhill Road where we shall be visiting Greylock and Sequoia Capital. We are also looking forward to hearing from start-ups from the portfolios of Intel Capital,  Cyber Mentor Fund and Next World Capital. This year we are delighted to be working with new collaborators including Silicon Valley Bank, Salesforce, GV, Lightspeed and The Vault and we are extremely fortunate to be hosted by Stanford University at the prestigious Faculty Club for an afternoon of insight including hearing about some of the projects the students are involved with.

In addition to seeing the broad range of emerging technology, on this year’s tour we shall be exploring how the “Digital Transformation Gap” manifests itself in organisations and what role innovation plays, both technologically and culturally as a counter to closing the gap.

We would like to thank in advance all of our collaborators, hosts and presenters on what is lined up to be an exceptional week of learning and discovery.  Look out for updates as this week progresses!

Read the full Ntegra US Technology Research Tour report here.

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