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Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival 2021

The Ntegra team are excited to be a part of another fantastic week long showcase of innovative thinking and new technology. Together will be brought a diverse range of businesses, organisations and academia to tackle some of the toughest societal and environmental problems using the best digital platform and tools. Through our long-term partnership with Northumbrian Water Group, we are proud sponsors of our own sprint titled: "Improving user experience, productivity and wellbeing with Enterprise Technology”.

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18th October to 22nd October 2021

This year, the Ntegra led sprint will be exploring ideas and applications of technology for potential solutions that help people collaborate, share knowledge, and manage teams in ways that drive a consistent experience between the physical and digital world. We will be looking further into how the pandemic has enforced restricted working arrangements and work patterns on us all, rapidly accelerating the adoption of remote working culture and tooling. While the strategies of remote working and leveraging office and of site assets constantly changes, can we conceive innovations that allow us to create a more consistent experience for users, wherever and however they work? The key focus in this event is innovation and will be mashed up with the fun of a ‘virtual summer festival’, to inspire innovative ideas and create tangible outputs.


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