Programme Delivery Governance Tool

Ntegra helped one of the world's largest telecommunication companies digitise and automate their processes for a large IT programme delivery project.

  • Industry: Telecommunications

  • Company Size: 100k Plus Employees

  • Annual Turnover: £41.5 Billion

  • Market Scope: 150 Markets

  • Project Timeframe: 4 Months

The Challenge

Our clients had a proprietary process for governing technology programmes globally with the intention of driving the best possible quality standards and practices.

The process was previously manual and spreadsheet based leading to poor data collection, error prone reporting and an uninspiring process for business user to follow. The team wished to digitise and automate the process where possible.

The Solution

The solution built by Ntegra included a centralised database of all programmes with a standardised questionnaire style collection process.

Admins can create projects, amend the standard questionnaire where needed and assign to market leads/contributors for completion.

Workflow then managed a gated approval/rejection process to ensure the programme governance process was followed in all cases.

The Outcome

The solution has now gone live and provides the IT team with a globally accessible standardised process with real time data reports and insights.

The feedback from the business has been very positive with a significant increase in adherence and accuracy to process standards.

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