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Company Size
500+ Employees
Annual Turnover
£50 Million
Market Scope
Project Timeframe
4 Months

Telecommunications Organisation - Automated BI Reporting

Discover how the Ntegra team overhauled the reporting capability for our client using products with the Microsoft Office suite to improve accuracy, increase output and align with strict compliance regulations for our client.


Our client, a leading UK mobile infrastructure service provider approached Ntegra to develop and implement a platform of over 200 internal and externally facing business intelligence (BI) reports spanning across all business units.  

The original system that was being used  was not meeting new regulatory guidelines required by OFCOM, as well as being time-consuming and inaccurate. This meant that the team at Ntegra were met with a tight deadline to complete the project.


We deployed a team comprising of data modelling, business analysis and dashboard design experts under a Senior Project Manager to thoroughly define both the technical and business requirements from the relevant stakeholders.  

Through engagement with multiple business stakeholders our team were able to clearly define and design prototype reports for users to sign off before implementation as well as optimise the database structure to make the reporting as efficient as possible.


Our client received all the required reports plus an extra 16 within the deadline set, to a higher quality standard than was specified with significantly reduced daily processing times. The result was a 400% performance increase in report generation. Taking processing time down from 4 hours to 5minutes.  

Ntegra also provided coaching to the internal team to help them make the most of the data insights they were being given.


Power BI
Office 365

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