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Ntegra Guild

Technology Talent

We have built long term relationships with some of the most talented IT professionals, allowing us to provide burst capacity and specialist expertise for projects.

We recognise the value that this organically grown, trusted network could offer our clients. The natural evolution was to develop the ‘Ntegra Guild’ into its own entity to allow our clients access to this community.

Ntegra Guild Members

The feedback from our clients is that the individuals or small teams of people from the Ntegra Guild have transformed their programmes.

Our person-to-person approach gives us the ability to bring without hesitation the right talented people to enhance your programme.

With a collaborative and partnered methodology towards our client needs, we can introduce you to a full spectrum of people to deliver your technical project.

The foundation skill sets are Architects (Data, Solution, Technical and Enterprise), Programme & Project Managers, Business Analysts, Business Intelligence and PMO Office.

Our Approach

Our approach is focused on the mutual fit between Guild members skills and experience and our clients' needs allowing us to achieve the right outcomes for everyone - a ‘bum on seat’ staffing agency we are not! 

Digital change is at our core; we pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to understand their business goals and technical and skill requirements, helping us to introduce them to the perfect people for their project.

As a successful technical project delivery practice, we can also support our clients in defining what skills and roles they need which can be very valuable at all levels.

You've got this... and so have we

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