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Ownership of Talent Management is Critical to Success

The demand for IT expertise needed by companies to transform and scale is ever-increasing. Adopting a partnership attitude with trusted resourcing managed service providers like the Ntegra Guild can help deliver on the missing skills your in-house team needs to future-proof your business, saving you time and money along the way.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the race to obtain highly skilled IT professionals has turned global. According to a report from NTT Services, 45% of organisations worldwide plan to increase outsourcing activities due to the pandemic, with a particular focus on finding technical skillsets they can’t access in-house.

With everyone now fishing in the same finite pool of talent, employers are facing significant competition in finding the right people with the expert skills needed to fill specific roles. Addressing the skill shortage is quickly becoming a shared priority for leaders across all industries as the demand for IT skills needed by companies to transform, and scale is ever-expanding.

A new McKinsey Global Survey on ‘future workforce needs’ reveals that up to nine out of ten executives and managers say their organisations either face skill gaps already or expect gaps to develop within the next five years. The current workforce disruption is in keeping with the rapid advancements in technology, changes in market trends and the constant reshaping of business models in an effort to support innovation and digital transformation.  

Consequently, more organisations are turning to Managed Service Programmes (MSP) and or Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers as a strategic solution to recruitment outsourcing, usually to fulfil one or more of the following business needs:

·       Identify the missing known or unknown skillsets unique to the organisation.

·       Onboard highly skilled people for specific role(s).

·       Up-skill and augment an in-house team of experts.

·       Optimise existing recruitment processes.

·       Handover all or part of a recruitment process to an external provider.

What is MSP and RPO?

A Managed Service Programme (MSP) provides efficient and cost-effective ways to optimise the management of an organisation’s contingent workforce as part of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The MSP vendor will be responsible for managing sourcing, processing, and administration of the contingent workforce lifecycle.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of BPO where a company may transfer all or part of its recruitment process to an external provider. They are more likely to take on board a company’s brand values and culture by merging into their HR or Talent team.

Both solutions deliver insights through reports and audits while replenishing capacity and resources back into your team.

What are the differences between MSP and RPO?

Type of Candidates

Where RPO providers find you the most suitable long-term employee, MSPs find you the most qualified person with the needed skillset to fill a temporary position.

Source of Candidates

Based on their client’s candidate requirements, MSP vendors will source their talents either by working with third parties or tapping into an established network of staffing agencies. Whereas RPO providers will review their pre-existing database, use social media (LinkedIn), and access their broad industry contacts as part of their sourcing process.

Tracking Technology

An MSP might track supplier activity using a Vendor Management System (VMS) such as SAP Fieldgrass and Gatekeeper which automates compliance and costs. While an RPO tracks recruitment through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) such as BambooHR or Bullhorn.

While there are some key differences between these two methods, ultimately, they both provide faster time to hire, streamlined and managed onboarding processes, better-matched candidates for specific roles as well as reduced pressure and cost on the in-house HR team. Therefore, choosing which one works for your company ultimately comes down to preference and your specific business needs against the differences highlighted above.

Who is it for?

As an employer, you may have already identified the specific areas of in-house skill deficiencies in your company or that you have the expertise, but not enough people with it. And while you want the business to scale up and outpace your competitors you also want to minimise your costs without sacrificing your company’s productivity.

If you can relate, then adopting the partnership attitude with a trusted managed service provider like the Ntegra Guild can fill in the skills gap of your in-house team and help you future-proof your business.

Some key indicators that could warrant a move to a Managed Service Provider would be:

·       Time constraints on the existing hiring team

·       Overcomplicated hiring and onboarding processes

·       High employee turnover

·       Demand for seasonal hires

·       Compliance and regulatory risks

·       Expensive recruitment processes

·       Growing demands on the existing workforce

·       Inadequate talent tracking capabilities

A hybrid of RPO and MSP

From the words of the Director of Ntegra Guild himself, Pete Usher explains:

“The success of the Guild has been based on being a delivery function first. We know what good looks like. Working with a set methodology to determine the role using our role diagnostic tool, we can then look at our internal team or the Ntegra Guild for the right fit. You cannot be a ‘Guilder’ unless you have worked for us before.”

Ntegra GUILD+ is a resourcing management service offering that extends beyond recruiting. It combines the reach and scale of the Guild - our trusted network of IT professionals accrued over the past 20 years - along with the management accountability you need to drive successful projects and programmes. A flawless balance between the horsepower of the full Ntegra Guild model and the bespoke delivery of the Ntegra Digital team - a comprehensive technical delivery function working within an organisation to complete an outcome-based project.

Through many of our Guild alliances, the commonality we see among our client's requirements is the need to build in-house professional service capabilities.

To address this demand, we bring our clients peace of mind in knowing that all our Guilders are highly skilled, experienced, qualified, and most importantly, reliable professionals we have already had the pleasure of working with on various technical projects. Our contracted experts who have both demonstrable technical delivery and business & people change experience not only support but can help up-skill our clients' internal staff, help optimise processes and sustain business resilience.

The GUILD+ model gives clients the agility to have a reliable bespoke pool of Ntegra people at their fingertips. This gives them the flexibility to shrink and grow the team depending on their business needs. The GUILD+ model is not only a cost-effective talent access solution, but a crucial advantage to have in the dynamic landscape of business change.

Taking on a harmonised approach of both the MSP and RPO model, our GUILD+ resourcing management service offers the following benefits:

Minimised Costs

·       Starting with the obvious, unlike hiring a permanent full-time employee,         outsourcing a contractor can help you save a lot more time and company         resources. Save costs that would normally be spent on advertising, background         checks, medical coverage, and overhead.

Faster Delivery

·       Our current record from getting a resource requirement to finding a candidate         and filling the role is 11 minutes!

·       We offer immediate access to a pipeline of over 500 ready-to-go skilled         professionals from the Guild network.

·       As we have already worked with our Guilders before they will be familiar with         the hiring, onboarding and off-boarding process therefore, less time will be         wasted on trial and error.

Future Proofing

·       We can help the business scale faster by providing you with a host of         contracted experts who have demonstrable change and technical experiences.

·       Our in-house experts can help support/up-skill internal staff with industry         standards and best practices.

·       Streamline inefficient processes, and introduce agile ways of working that         promote a culture of empowered learning experiences and self-sustainability.

Flexibility & Agility

·       Our managed service approach is flexible enough to maximise collaboration         and transparency throughout all stages of our offerings.

·       We can tailor to meet your specific business needs, whether that’s hiring an         interim or permanent position with a fixed or variable cost.

·       Having a managed service provider to call upon, you can make smarter         decisions when responding to market shifts and improving business         efficiencies and becoming more agile in the process.

Experts with Experiences

·       In-house resource pool of highly skilled and motivated software developers,         infrastructure engineers, digital programme managers, project leads,         consultants and more.

·       Access to over 500 tried and tested, qualified and verified IT professionals         with a ‘Guilded’ stamp of approval.

When thinking about outsourcing as a recruitment solution, the cause of hesitation for many businesses is understandable. This is because there is a lack of trust and a need to control outcomes. However, because the challenge is not just about hiring the right people with the right skillsets but also about retaining and preventing them from ‘quiet quitting’ (a newly coined term born on social media describing workers only doing the bare minimum as opposed to performing above and beyond), the stakes are higher than ever. Consequently, organisations need to be open to exploring and implementing more effective recruiting strategies to gain and retain highly skilled professionals.

Ntegra Guild prides itself on honouring heart over head count, which is why we have built an array of long-standing relationships with our clients, some of whom we have served continuously for over 15 years.

So, trust us when we say, we’ve got you!

To find out more, connect with Pete Usher on LinkedIn or send us a message.

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