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Choosing The Right Collaboration Software

In the exclusive whitepaper from Ntegra, we outline a process to help ensure you choose the right collaboration software tool for your organisation, as well as briefly appraising the most popular tools on the market.

Choosing the right collaboration software is a bit like a Premier League football manager trying to identify a replacement for a star striker. The market is full of them and they can cost a fortune. They are often overhyped and come with reputations that guarantee you success; if you’re not careful you might think you are buying a Lionel Messi but end up with a Fernando Torres. Siting on the bench, costing the club money and not delivering much to the business. You then wheel him out every now and again hoping the form will turn around but, by then…the fans have turned against him and you know it’s all over.

It isn’t a great shock that collaboration software can have a success rate as low as 10%.

It can be such a difficult thing to choose the right tool for your organisation. We have come up with some tips for selecting the right software for you and your people.

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