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Announcement Regarding Ntegra’s Growth Journey

I am delighted to announce some important news in connection with Ntegra embarking on the next stage of its growth journey.

15 years ago, I co-founded a specialist consulting company, focussed on being ‘trusted advisors’ to our clients; we wanted to be the people who clients turned to when they needed the absolute best. During this period, we have been incredibly successful, building long term partnerships with many FTSE 100, 250 and public-sector customers.

In 2014 we completed the acquisition of Greenside Partners. This has enabled us to become a leading source of insights into the next generation of disruptive technology. We have helped many of our customers exploit new technology and ways of working to become digitally enabled businesses. It is now time to disrupt ourselves and embark on the next phase of our growth journey.

As a consequence, I am taking on the role of Chairman, and CIO to drive key elements of our growth strategy – we are focussing on helping our customers exploit emerging technology to drive value. I will build strategic alliances with some of the world’s leading disruptive, early-to-market, technology companies – we aim to be one of the top Systems Integrators for emerging tech in Europe.  I will also be responsible for the continued development of Ntegra Greenside, our insights business aimed at Technology Leaders.

Andy Langley, who has been on the Board of Directors for 4 years, and has been COO for 2, will be taking over as CEO from 1 July 2018. I am so pleased that Andy has accepted this challenge – he brings with him a wealth of experience of FTSE 100, 250 companies; driving transformation in large enterprises as well as helping operate our Ntegra Greenside Advisory Services.

Andy Langley said:

“…Having been part of the Ntegra family for 12 years I am delighted to assume responsibility for leading the next phase of our journey. We have a great team, which coupled with some unique capabilities and products will place us in a very strong position to be successful.  We see ourselves as being the vanguard of driving value for our customers via digital transformation – we lead change, driven by our global network of digital disruptors, in both technology and core business process.   Driving change is in our DNA – our customers say that we constantly demonstrate exceptional skills in leading them through their digital transformation journey…”

Andy Jefferies


Co-founder and Chairman

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