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Ntegra's Digital Delivery team can help your organisation collaborate efficiently and communicate effectively by delivering custom digital tools and products to reach your digital transformation goals.

The solutions that we create for or with you, are built to improve collaboration and optimise, automate and standardise your internal processes.

Our Approach

Within our Digital Delivery team, we are able to deliver accelerated business outcomes through our specialist agile and rapid visual prototyping methodologies combined with a deep industry expertise which helps us understand exactly what your organisation needs.

Structuring our projects using the agile methodology for development and delivery techniques including our in-house design team create consumer quality interfaces with a focus on UI, UX and accessibility for all.

All of Ntegra's Project Managers are certified Scrum Masters to ensure development standards and practices are upheld throughout the project lifecycle. Working alongside your organisation, at the end of a project our goal is to leave your team empowered with the skills that they have gained and confident in new technologies.

Digital Application Development

Our Digital Delivery team covers every aspect of digital and software development through the use of the Agile methodology. Using agile means that we are able to adapt quickly to changes, intercept any potential issues through regular testing and keep to schedule.

The design-led quality of our built digital products ensures fit-for-purpose applications that achieve high adoption rates - ultimately supporting your business goals.

Python is our language of choice hosted with React but we also work with a variety of technologies collaborating with you to recommend and deliver best in class digital products.

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Office 365 Expertise

We help our clients maximise the value they get from the extensive Office 365 toolkit. We build digital workplace tools using Microsoft technologies that drive process efficiency and automation whilst promoting collaboration - from PowerBI dashboards to process automation applications to SharePoint intranets for our enterprise clients.

We empower our clients digitise, automate and drive adoption of business solutions and ultimately, allow them to gain maximum value and ROI from the existing Microsoft O365 enterprise licenses.

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